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ND-X-2300 X-ray impurity detector

ND-X-2300 is the device can automatically detect foreign objects in the food which the naked eye can not see(Metal, stone, glass, plastic. Bone, etc.)and the defects in the product

(Void,cracks),it has the basic function that can detect automatically foreign body,as the same time,could detect the packaged product which is lost and bad products.

Main Feature:


ND-X-2300 is a powerful strategy for our company to increase sales safely and prevent the transfer of foreign objects in advance and to prevent PL and HACCP.



-  Food processing

- Meat processing

- Agricultural and livestock processing                                       

- Fruit noodles  

Detailed description


Foreign body detected  

Metal (Fe, Sus, Pb, Cu, etc.), glass, stone, plastic, etc.


-  Max satisfaction from clients

-  Automatically set new production models, inspection specifications

-  Equip washable design

-  MTBF, MTTR analysis and device management - image storage (1 months automatic storage) / print / analysis

- could print report

- System alarm function

- Monthly alarm information printing function

- Automatic alarm when workshop is dangerous


 Detection function

- lead:0.2mm

Mini standard for iron and stone

- diameter: minimun 0.28mm


-  Non-metallic stones, glass minimum 1.2mm

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