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ND-X-5600 X-Ray machine

X-ray high resolution detector ND-X-5600 adopt high resolution enhanced screen and sealed micro x ray tube combinated structure,to do detect by non- destructive x ray detect,to observe the clear image real -timely.In addition,powerful software measurement capability greatly improve the detect efficiency.Besides, it make detect easily and fast by install CNC components

Full digital x ray detector ND -X-5600 adopt digital panel detector and x ray integrated digital image interception technology.

Detailed description


ND-X-5600 series have high performance in the industrial field, and also has the performance of expensive high -end products. 

   Key Features              Applications


Defects below 5mm can be detected                1.BGA inspect

Convenient to maintain,long operating life      2.semi conductor

Easy to operate,reduce operate training          3.detection of electronic connected machine modules.

Suitable for mass inspection                             4.Marked component   

Semi automatic qualified / unqualified product inspection   5.  Aluminum die castings

The repeatability of the detection is high        6. Molded plastic part

A large number of samples of various sizes can be accommodated  7.Ceramic products

Allow a unique view of the sample          8.Aviation components

  80KV  10MicroX-RAYclosed tube           9.  Electrical and mechanical components

Checking program that can be programmed 10.Pharmaceutical products

250×250MM Stage                        12.  Automation component         

 It's 30 degrees, tilting      13.Agriculture (seed testing)

Stage Control

Stage speed: slow, constant speed and fast can be controlled by space bar

The keyboard controls the angles of movement of the X, Y, Z axis and the angle of inclination

The user can programmatically control the speed and angle of the platform

Super navigation window, easy to locate and identify defective products

Click the mouse to control the object table

There are floating control keys in the video screen

In the video screen, the object console can be controlled by the mouse

CNC Programmability

Simple mouse click operation, you can create detection procedures

The object platform can be positioned in the direction of X, Y and Z, and the orientation of the X ray tube and the X detector can be located

The computer sets the voltage and current

Imaging equipment: brightness, contrast, automatic gain and exposure

Users can set the pause time for program switching

The anti-collision system can meet the maximum inclination and observation of objects

Automatic analysis of BGA diameter, void ratio, area and roundness.

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