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Technical parameters:


Power supply: 220V


Power : <30w


External dimensions: 2200mm (high) X800mm (wide) X500mm (deep)


Channel size: 2010mm (high) X700mm (width) X500mm (deep)

The weight: about 80 kg

working environment: - 35 to + 45


Meet the standard:

"Through metal detection gate" GB15210

Electrical appliances are carried out in reference to the EN60950 safety standard

The radiation reference was carried out on the en50081-1 standard

Anti-interference reference to the en50082-1 standard

The eu CE certification is being recognized

Detailed description

Performance and features:


Six detection zones: 6 accurately determine the location of the metal overlapping detection zones and the location of the objects.

Easy operation: panels can be directly display operation panel of thin film, high brightness display alarm area, location, size, precise instructions was probing items and have sound and light alarm at the same time, be clear at a glance, greatly improve the work efficiency.The remote control device can be added according to customer's requirement.

Regional sensitivity adjustable: the maximum sensitivity can detect the metal with the size of the paper clip.Each probe sensitive area has 100 gear, can adjust the sensitivity, preset metal object weight, volume, size, place, remove the COINS, keys, jewelry, belt buckle, false alarm, etc.

Strong anti-interference: digital circuit design, anti-leakage report, strong anti-interference ability, false alarm rate control within 1%.

Counting statistics function: intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter can count the number of people and number of alarms.

Harmless to human body: the use of sensitive head metal detection technology, the human body's heart pacemaker, pregnant woman, magnetic floppy disk, magnetic tape, videotape and other harmless.

Convenient installation: the 21EHERO series is an integrated design which can be installed or disassembled in 20 minutes and equipped with VCD training CD and operating instructions.



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